Nathalie Villeneuve- Artist 

I'm Nathalie

I've been painting most of my life, I love it! I work with acrylics, oils, oil pastels and ink. A lot of my paintings are mixed media on canvas and I also love to work on paper. 

I'm inspired by colors, texture, composition and design. When I apply paint to a blank surface, all my senses and innate self-expression are engaged and I paint from what I feel...not necessarily from what I see. My bold brush strokes often contrast and blend into colors that naturally transitions into one another  to depict the feminine figure. Often my subjects consists of elegant, long-legged feminine figures, gracefully perched and frozen in time during moments of peaceful reflexion.

My most recent interest is abstract as well as abstract figurative art. 

I am originally from Canada where I studies fashion and graphic design and finally decided to pursue my lifelong passion for painting. For the past five years I hosted painting workshops and fundraisers as I shared my love for painting. I now work fully at my art practice. I live and work in Meriden Connecticut with my husband. 

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