About Rodeo Rose Designs

Rodeo Rose painted jeans are unique and when you wear them, they tell a story.


Nathalie paints each pair with the same self-expression and joy she feels when she paints her art on canvas.

"I believe that what we wear is an extension of our personality and it's great to be able to step out wearing something as unique as we are".


Each Rodeo Rose designs stems from Nathalie's inspiration as she first puts her collections on story boards. This offers Nathalie many possibilities to paint with slightly different colors and compositions.


Wear your Rodeo Rose jeans to the rodeo, a Mardi Gras celebration, to go dancing or just because...

just like good boots take you good places, your Rodeo Rose jeans are the perfect match to tag along ;-)

Nathalie Villeneuve | 203-927-6782 | nathalie@rodeorosedesigns.com

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